Monday, February 7, 2011

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I need to start updating blogspot more often with really nice posts, but it actually takes me an hour or so to make an amazing post with pictures and stuff on here, so I'll leave that for wednesday, but I really love this picture a lot lot lot. it just has ~feeling~ to it, oh man do I sound lame but it's like the kid's fallen off his skateboard and it's somewhere outside the photograph...........................
well then, I'm gonna go back to tumblr.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

dog bless

dog bless, originally uploaded by ruby may barclay.

I'm watching the "puppy bowl" on animal channel and I felt this was extremely relevent ahah tonight's the super bowl and really I barely ever watch and I don't even know the other team that's playing, and the only reason I know the Packers are playing is because of wolf tv and they did a "friday question" thing that asked kids around school what team they wanted to win tonight.
I had my mom cut my bangs today and they're just absolutely worse than they were before. And I can't even dry them straight anymore. Hair is just so frustrating!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

cats in canos

cats in canos, originally uploaded by ginettesqulette.

This is my once weekly "cat post" ahaha I really wish blogspot had a queue just like tumblr, and now I understand why more people use tumblr. It's just a lot easier to use and create really nice themes and you can actually post gifs without learning how to! Maybe I'll get the hang of blogspot soon!

okay enough of my rant, but if you've never noticed I really like cats and art, and this is just absolutely lovely!


As most people have seen or heard already wavves have just recently released their rolling papers and baseball cap! I'm incredibly excited about the baseball cap because I will be buying one once I have saved up my money! But I don't smoke anything so I won't be purchasing the rolling papers even though they are really cute.
wavves snap-back cap

Also, I was looking at their shirts last night and I really want one, but I'm not sure which. I love the drawing of snacks on their album cover and it's on one of the shirts in wavves merch store, but there's also one with "meeky mouse" on it and that one is so awesome.

They're both from wavves merch store @, and they're both $16.99, but I'm leaning more toward the "meeky mouse" one because I love anything Disney related and I really just don't like the tan color of the shirt with snacks on it.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

jussi björling

jussi björling, originally uploaded by mon dieu!.

I had to look up who/what this was, and I figured out it was an old man who is a 'tenor' in opera or something like that. It was quite exciting actually, and I love how this is drawn. It's one of the best style of illustration I have ever seen! (other than tuesdayblouse but she doesn't do many people)

Late Night Musings

even though it's 9 pm it's pretty late for me because I get up at 5:30 nearly every morning for school.

I always read The Clothes Horse's blog and she has great taste in everything fashionable! She just recently made a post about bags, now I love love bags even though I can barely afford to buy nice bags, I have a super worn one that I bring everywhere with me. It's a "doctor bag" I bought about 2 years ago in the sale at Urban Outfitters.
I'm the one hugging that cat with my favorite bag (this was at the end of October, last year at Disney)

Enough of my bag, Ora Bags have wonderful, but expensive, recycled leather bags! Recycled leather! That's the most wonderful thing I have ever heard!
My absolute favorite one is this one:

It's a perfectly constructed cross body bag, and I've really been into cross body bags lately, I really don't know why because I used to hate them before and only wanted to use those "doctor bags."

Also, if you've never heard of ModCloth before, you really should go check out their website, they sell vintage and retro clothing, and Eric Kroger and Susan Gregg Kroger run their "fashion business in a democratic style" as their about me says.

I get an email from them probably once a week and they come up with the most wonderful outfits and it's a shame that their clothes are so expensive!

source: ModCloth

Really wish I could afford an outfit like this, I love patterned tights and I really really want a nice new leather jacket!
I have one leather jacket but it's white and it looks like I came from the future because of the sheen on it under fluorescent light!

I've also just recently heard that Animal Collective will be recording and releasing a new album soon! I'm very excited about that because I feel that they have progressed as musicians and they can have an even better album than Merriweather Post Pavilion, even though my most personal favorite is Feels circa. 2005

Thank you to Bloodskies for posting her illustration on flickr.

First time using Blog Spot ever,

gonna figure out how to use it once I have more time (probably this weekend)
ahhh i'm guessing gifs don't really work much at allll
ugh okay.